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Enjoy this "Home Movie" I made just for your enjoyment

I am experimenting with video editing, so I set up the camera in my rehearsal studio, grabbed my guitar and microphone, and recorded one of my favorite songs that I like to sing at coffee houses, "If I Were A Carpenter." The audio quality is a little less than perfect and there is an unexpected "click" at the end, but I never intended for this to be a professional clip. I just realized that it's been a long time since I shared any of my music with you, so I wanted to do this informally. I hope you enjoy it. You email comments are always welcome!

"If I Were A Carpenter" (Video)

Other Projects:

I was going to record a CD, "Still Folkin' Around," in 2006. After listening to a test pressing, I found numerous things I wanted to change in order to greatly improve the album. Some songs will be remixed and others will have to be rerecorded from scratch. It was to contain many familiar folk songs, mainly from the early `60's when folk music was at its peak. I believe that folk music is coming back in a big way, and I had hoped that this CD will be an important part of the folk revival. Well, for unknown reasons, this CD got put aside and I worked on four other CD projects instead. Two have been released this year (2010) and the other two should be finished early 2011. My next project after that will be a CD of my original compositions, and then, finally, I hope to finish and release "Folk Rocks!"

Here are some samples of what I was working on that you can listen to until I get around to finishing the project. Email me if you like folk music!

"Get Together"

This song is almost finished. I want to redo the vocal track; otherwise it's ready to go. This has always been one of my favorite songs, and I've performed this song as far back as the early `70's. The lyrics promote peace between all races, cultures and ethnic groups, encouraging us to "love one another." What a timely message!

The next sample is also not final, just a rehearsal tape, but will give you an idea of some of the songs I have planned for the album:

"Eve Of Destruction"

The lyrics to this anti-war song are as true today as they were in 1965 when this song was a hit for "Barry McGuire" and also recorded by the "Turtles."

If you enjoy the music, come to one of my live performances! Click here to find out where I'll be performing.

By the way, I'm currently looking for a few venues in San Diego county where I could perform 2 or 3 nights a week as a "single" (solo entertainer). My stage act is a variety of jazz instrumentals and traditional American Folk music (vocal) with acoustic guitar accompaniment. I can also throw in some Counrty & Western or some Gospel music as well as preforming some of my original songs.

If you know of a place that featuring this mix of music (or would like to), please have them check out the tunes on this page, and then email me for more information. Thanks!

I also have about sixteen original songs that I'm currently arranging. I hope to have three or four new CDs out next year. I am also working on a smooth jazz CD and another CD of Guitar Instrumentals (Apache, Honky Tonk, Lonely One, Sleepwalk, etc.) plus some surf music (Walk, Don't Run, Pipeline, Journey To The Stars, Penetration, Vandrell Stomp, etc.). Keep in touch!

"What would you like to do next?"

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