“Lucky 21”

A variety of vocal and instrumental songs – folk, rock, jazz, blues, swing and country & western

My “variety” CD, "Lucky 21" has been available since October 2005. The 21 selections cover a variety of music styles - jazz, smooth jazz, blues, classic rock, country and country rock, western and western swing, bluegrass, hard rock, folk and folk rock - 21 songs in all! Wow, that's almost two CD's in one!

If it is your job to hire entertainment for concerts, conventions, civic events, bars & restaurants, private parties, cafes, coffee houses and other venues, you can hear what I sound like. I posted a variety of songs so you can listen to whatever musical style best suits your audience. I play jazz and smooth jazz, folk and folk rock, country, western, country rock and cowboy songs, swing and blues, and rock oldies (`50's/`60's/`70's). I know hundreds of songs so that I can mix up the styles, or play a particular style all night long.

Click on any of the links below to play the songs. Sometimes the songs take a long time to load, especially the longer songs, so be patient!

Click here to read stories and history about each of these songs, and about how they got chosen to be on the CD.

Track List

"Never Can Say Goodbye" (Smooth Jazz Instrumental)

"Arizona Highways" (Folk Rock - Vocal)

"Apache" (`60's Pop Instrumental)

"Our Love Is On The Faultline" (Country Rock - Vocal)

"Europa" (Latin Jazz Instrumental)

"Cowboy Swing" (Western Swing - Vocal)

"Pick Up The Pieces" (Smooth Jazz Instrumental)

"Hickory Wind" (Country & Western - Vocal)

"Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (Smooth Jazz/Soul Instrumental)

"Big Rock Candy Mountain" (Folk - Vocal)

"Stars On The Water" (Rock - Vocal)

"Moonlight In Vermont" (Slow `50's Jazz Instrumental)

"Beginnings" (`60's/`70's Rock with Horn Section - Vocal)

"Bluegrass Flatpicking Guitar Medley" (Instrumental)

"Happy Together" (Classic Rock - Vocal)

"Line Rider's Waltz" (Cowboy Folklore - Vocal)

"Before You Accuse Me" (Blues - Vocal)

"The Heat Is On" (`80's Rock - Vocal)

"Little Boxes" (Folk - Vocal)

"Born To Be Wild" (Hard Rock - Vocal)

"Vandrell Stomp" (`60's Surf Instrumental)

Click here to play ALL of the songs (1 hour 20 minutes!)

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I recorded another CD in 2005, "Christmas In The Alleghenies." This will be sold on the Internet and at concerts from November 1st to December 26th of each year. It features a combination of jazz, folk and traditional Christmas favorites, both vocal and instrumental.

If you enjoy the music, come to one of my live performances! Click here to find out where I'll be performing.

By the way, I'm currently looking for a few venues in San Diego county where I could perform 2 or 3 nights a week as a "single" (solo entertainer). My stage act is a variety of jazz instrumentals with combo backing provided by MIDI equipment and a computer, traditional American Folk music (vocal) with acoustic guitar accompaniment, and `60's "Oldies" rock and C&W backed up by a full 5-10 piece MIDI sound, plus some fun rock guitar instrumentals you haven't heard in a while!

If you know of a place that featuring this mix of music (or would like to), please have them check out the tunes on this page, and then email me tom@tomsmerk.com for more information. Thanks!

I also have about sixteen original songs that I'm currently arranging. I hope to have a new CD out early next year. I am also working on a smooth jazz CD and another CD of Guitar Instrumentals (Apache, Honky Tonk, Lonely One, Sleepwalk, etc.) plus some surf music (Walk, Don't Run, Pipeline, Journey To The Stars, Penetration, Vandrell Stomp, etc.). Keep in touch!

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