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In the mid 1980’s, a new style of jazz music was being crafted. It combined the improvisation style of traditional jazz music with the smooth, laid back, easy listening style of Adult Contemporary, and became known as “Smooth Jazz.”


Élan, one of the pioneering smooth jazz combos, was based in San Diego, California. Élan’s original music was a combination of the lyrics of vocalist Laura Preble and the music of pianist Tony Blank. What was to become some of the finest examples of smooth jazz combos was in existence less than a year because the jazz audience was not quite yet ready to accept this music that was ahead of its time.


The music of Élan is preserved in this CD, which was never released commercially. These songs are a combination of rehearsal tapes and a live recording at Lorenzo’s Lounge in El Cajon, California. If you like smooth jazz, you should enjoy this CD of music from Élan.


Track List:


Night And Day


Girl In The Glass

`Round Midnight

I'm Beginning To See The Light


Picking Up After You

Rio DeJaneiro Blues

Danny's All-Star Juke Joint

That Ain't Right

Agua De Beber


Album Credits

Recorded  1985 in San Diego and El Cajon, California. Engineered by Dan McCarthy. Mastered by Tom Smerk at the Audio Barn, Dulzura, CA.

Vocals – Laura

Piano & Keyboard – Tony

Drums – Dan

Guitar – Tom

Bass - Rick


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