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Quality, professional entertainment at an affordable price.

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Update: June 22, 2017

Recently I have ben playing mostly with bands such as the "Grand River Band." I am also available to churches, missions and other venues to do a concert in support of my "For The Faithful" album. This would be a show consisting of popular older hymns and several original compositions. Or I could do an instrumental jazz set in support of my latest recording, "Will Play Jazz For Food." Both of these as well as several other recordings are available in the "Store" section on this web site.

As of 2017, I am in my 52nd year as a professional entertainer. If you need a fill-in guitarist for your band (can also sing lead and backup) or for a recording session, please contact me at the email address on this page. Thanks!

I appreciate your support

I am always looking for more places to entertain. If you or your friends and family have a favorite venue (club, café, casino, lounge, etc.) that would enjoy my music, please recommend my act to the entertainment manager. I am also interested in playing more civic events, such as festivals, community functions, car shows and club picnics, church festivals, and civic events. If you know anyone who is involved with setting up any of these functions, please tell them to hire Tom Smerk to provide the entertainment.

May I ask a favor?

I found out that websites are ranked by how many other sites have links to it, so if you have a website of your own or else know someone that does, please include a link to my site on one or more of your pages, Thanks.

Visit My Other Web Sites to check out my a variety of topics plus easy access to research data and fun links!.

Contact me for more information.
Phone: (619) 818-2079

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AFM Life Member
Tom Smerk, ©2002-2017

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